Starting a Business Begins With Ideas

The prospect of starting a new business can be both invigorating and intimidating. Although my objective in creating this blog is to focus primarily on low-cost business ideas, I wouldn’t be doing the topic justice if I ignored business ideas that require larger amounts of startup capital.

As a freelance writer, blogger, and website owner, I have first-hand knowledge of only low-cost business ideas. However, as a business journalist, Internet marketing entrepreneur,  and public relations professional, I’ve gained a lot of insights into the formula for small business success.

The art and science of small business marketing has always fascinated me, which is why you’ll see it as a recurring theme throughout this blog. Let’s face it: No matter how great your business idea is, if you don’t generate a steady stream of sales leads, referrals, customers, and clients, the growth potential and survival of your business will probably be limited.

Popular Ideas For Starting a Business

What kind of business ideas are people looking for right now? Not surprisingly, many aspiring entrepreneurs start out with a vague idea of the type of business they want to create. Here’s a few examples of where people’s heads at are when they decide they want to be their own boss. These popular Internet searches phrases shed some light on the expectations, goals, and preconceived notions people have about starting their own business.

Semi-specific business ideas that entrepreneurs are exploring include things like starting an ebay business, a food-related business, a craft business, or a pet-related business. Thousands of people are also looking into the possibility of starting these types of businesses. Here are two dozen of the most popular Internet searches:

  • Cleaning business
  • Photography business
  • Catering business
  • Consulting business
  • Landscaping business
  • Dog walking business
  • Lawn care business
  • Real estate business
  • Construction business
  • Cupcake business
  • Jewelry business
  • Tutoring business
  • Vending machine business
  • Website business
  • Event planning business
  • Painting business
  • Retail business
  • Carpet cleaning business
  • Clothing business
  • Party planning business
  • Recycling business
  • Restaurant
  • Transportation
  • Trucking

The appeal of more than half of those small business ideas is that they are relatively inexpensive to start and operate, and do not require a physical location, expensive equipment, or a large investment in employees — at least in the beginning.

Understandably, many people are looking for ways to start a business with little or no money. While that requirement may limit the number of choices, there are plenty of service businesses that can be started with little more than a cell phone, an email address, and a box of business cards. As I’ll discuss more in future blog posts, there are many cost-effective small business marketing tools you can use, such as a business web site and blog, to generate inquiries and attract customers.

Regardless of which business idea you decide to pursue, however, I believe that so-called “easy business ideas” are a pipe dream. In other words, small business success is usually the result of careful planning, persistence, hard work, and dedication to quality and customer services. If you’re offering a service or product that your passionate about, though, then the time commitment and hard work you have to put into it will be satisfying and rewarding, rather than physically and emotionally draining.

Thanks for checking out my first blog post on startup business ideas, small business marketing strategies, and the entrepreneurial mindset. Stay tuned for more thoughts and insights on those and other small business topics.