How to Create Good Business Ideas

At any point in time, thousands of people are actively searching the Internet, brainstorming with their friends and family, and wracking their brains for good business ideas that are unique, innovative, creative, profitable, lucrative, successful, and — if at all possible: inexpensive to start and run.

We’ve all heard inspiring stories about successful businesses that got their start in someone’s garage, basement, on a kitchen table, or from a home office. Why are these success stories the exception rather than the rule, though? I think the answer to that question is relatively simple: Many entrepreneurs are looking for a shortcut to success, and are easily discouraged when they realize that business ideas require the following ingredients to become successful:

  • An existing or latent demand for their product or service
  • A low to moderate level of competition
  • A strong motivation and firm commitment to persist until success is reached
  • A desire and willingness to continually raise the bar on service, product quality, and customer value (perceived and actual)
  • A targeted, integrated, and cost-effective marketing program often combines elements of website marketing, SEO, blogging, public relations, relationship marketing, email marketing, advertising, branding, social media marketing, direct mail marketing, and B2B proposal writing. (By the way, if you need help with proposal writing –and who doesn’t — then visit this website* for all the proposal templates, documents, and contracts you’re likely to need.)

Where Do Great Business Ideas Come From?

Some of the best business ideas are created by entrepreneurs who have either developed a new product or service that struck a chord with the masses¬† — or they’ve improved upon an existing product, service, or technology. Although some businesses are successful because of their unique identity and the effective way they market themselves, the cornerstones of a successful business are usually superior quality, remarkable service, innovation, and outstanding customer value.


Ideas for Starting a Business

Here’s a list of 60 top small business ideas that many entrepreneurs are currently researching and preparing to start. If you’re looking for the best small business to start, perhaps one or more of these ideas will be a good match to your interests, talents, and business startup budget.

  1. Cleaning business
  2. Catering business
  3. Child daycare
  4. Your own clothing company, store, or clothing line
  5. Photography business
  6. Video production company
  7. Record label
  8. Bookstore
  9. Online boutique
  10. Jewelry business
  11. Cattle farm, chicken farm, ranch
  12. Property management company
  13. Real estate business
  14. Landscaping business
  15. Lawn care service
  16. Pest control business
  17. Bakery
  18. Cupcake and/or cookie business
  19. Coffee shop
  20. Restaurant and/or bar
  21. Liquor store
  22. Juice bar
  23. Beverage company
  24. Grocery store
  25. Bed & Breakfast
  26. Hotel
  27. Gift basket business
  28. Construction business
  29. Nursing agency
  30. Staffing agency
  31. Travel agency
  32. Title company
  33. Tax preparation business
  34. Insurance business
  35. Consulting business
  36. Private security company
  37. Beauty salon
  38. Nail salon
  39. Beauty supply store
  40. Barber shop
  41. Laundry business
  42. Recording studio
  43. Wholesale business
  44. Nursing home
  45. Assisted living facility
  46. Adult daycare
  47. Medical transportation business
  48. Trucking company
  49. Towing company
  50. Car dealership
  51. Gas station
  52. Manufacturing business
  53. Consignment shop
  54. Flower shop
  55. Publishing business
  56. Advertising agency
  57. Marketing agency
  58. Dog kennel
  59. Delivery business or courier service
  60. Cell phone business

Those are among the top small business ideas now being researched on the Internet.

Thanks for checking out my latest blog post on ideas for starting a business. I’ll be compiling more lists of ideas to start a business in coming weeks, and will be focusing on other topics of interest to entrepreneurs and business owners, including small business marketing ideas. If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions on how to start and succeed in a specific small business, visit my website, Marketing Survival Kit.

Some of the topics I hope to cover over the next few months include home based business ideas, small town business ideas, online business ideas, and much more.

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Note: This blog was created to be a source of business startup ideas, inspiration for entrepreneurs, helpful tips on small business marketing, and self employment ideas. It is not intended to be a source of financial, legal, or compliance advice. Starting a business is intrinsically a risky endeavor, and should be undertaken cautiously and with the advice of qualified experts in the legal, accounting, and insurance professions. Additional business startup advice, educational programs, and mentoring can be found through authoritative websites and organizations like SCORE and the U.S.Small Business Administration.