Options For Starting a Consulting Business


When I hear the word “consultant,” three categories immediately come to mind:

  1. Management consultant
  2. Marketing consultant
  3. Information Technology consultant

As it turns out, those three areas of expertise are only the tip of the iceberg in the business of consulting. As you can see from the following list, the consulting business is extremely diverse. Here’s a sampling of some of the many consultant jobs and self-employment options that are available or that can be created in the financial, medical, business, marketing, academic, and technical fields:

Top 100 List of Consultant Jobs and Business Ideas

  1. Lactation consultant
  2. Legal nurse consultant
  3. Business consultant
  4. Marketing consultant
  5. SEO consultant
  6. Educational consultant
  7. Management consultant
  8. Tax consultant
  9. Financial consultant
  10. Sales consultant
  11. Stock consultant
  12. Fashion consultant
  13. SAP consultant
  14. Environmental consultant
  15. Internet marketing consultant
  16. Political consultant
  17. Restaurant consultant
  18. Security consultant
  19. Wedding consultant
  20. Computer consultant
  21. Healthcare consultant
  22. Jury consultant
  23. Mortgage consultant
  24. Art consultant
  25. Benefits consultant
  26. HR consultant
  27. Immigration consultant
  28. Media consultant
  29. Real estate consultant
  30. Sales consultant
  31. Travel consultant
  32. Bridal consultant
  33. Implementation consultant
  34. Recruitment consultant
  35. Security consultant
  36. Technical consultant
  37. Technology consultant
  38. Travel consultant
  39. Wardrobe consultant
  40. Wine consultant
  41. Nutrition consultant
  42. Investment consulta
  43. Brand or branding conSsultant
  44. Business development consultant
  45. Career consultant
  46. College consultant
  47. Customer service consultant
  48. Design consultant
  49. Feng Shui consultant
  50. Military life consultant
  51. Organizational development consultant
  52. Resume consultant
  53. Style consultant
  54. Wellness consultant
  55. Search marketing consultant
  56. Strategic planning consultant
  57. Grant consultant
  58. College admissions consultant
  59. Communications consultant
  60. Credit repair consultant
  61. Digital marketing consultant
  62. Engineering consultant
  63. Health consultant
  64. Image consultant
  65. Software consultant
  66. Food industry consultant
  67. Recruitment consultant
  68. Business plan consultant
  69. Business process consultant
  70. Dental consultant
  71. Drilling consultant (unrelated to #70!)
  72. Fitness consultant
  73. Human resources consultant
  74. Lifestyle consultant
  75. Retail consultant
  76. Safety consultant
  77. Script consultant
  78. Sustainability consultant
  79. Sales lead generation consultant
  80. Loss mitigation consultant
  81. Sales training consultant
  82. Accounting consultant
  83. Administrative consultant
  84. Behavioral specialist consultant
  85. CRM consultant
  86. Diversity consultant
  87. Fundraising consultant
  88. MBA admissions consultant
  89. Music consultant
  90. Pharmacy consultant
  91. Sleep consultant
  92. Social media marketing consultant
  93. Special education consultant
  94. Weight loss consultant
  95. e-learning consultant
  96. Metallurgical consultant
  97. Outplacement consultant
  98. Team building consultant
  99. Business intelligence consultant
  100. Change management consultant

But the list goes on and on!

  1. Email marketing consultant
  2. Financial aid consultant
  3. HR consultant
  4. Internet consultant
  5. Lighting consultant
  6. PR consultant (I’m surprised this one wasn’t higher on the list)
  7. Prison consultant
  8. Project management consultant (ditto for this one)
  9. Property tax consultant
  10. Risk management consultant
  11. Statistical consultant
  12. Direct marketing consultant
  13. Cost consultant
  14. Trainee recruitment consultant
  15. Compensation consultant
  16. Construction consultant
  17. Drug test consultant
  18. Ecommerce consultant
  19. Efficiency consultant (that title sounds redundant)
  20. Employment consultant
  21. Information security consultant
  22. Innovation consultant
  23. Interior design consultant
  24. International business consultant
  25. Supply chain consultant
  26. Benefits consultant
  27. Farm consultant
  28. Etiquette consultant
  29. Executive coaching consultant
  30. Natural health consultant
  31. Retirement planning consultant
  32. Actuarial consultant
  33. Advertising consultant
  34. Audio visual consultant
  35. Behavioral consultant
  36. Business analyst consultant
  37. Business strategy consultant
  38. Certified asbestos consultant
  39. Compliance consultant
  40. Credit consultant
  41. Database consultant
  42. Digital media consultant
  43. Economic consultant
  44. Energy consultant
  45. Ergonomics consultant
  46. FDA consultant
  47. Franchise consultant
  48. Higher education consultant
  49. Hospitality consultant
  50. International tax consultant

So if you’re considering becoming a consultant, there’s an almost unlimited field of potential career and business opportunities. The challenge for many entrepreneurs seeking to start a consulting business is marketing. In many cases, the only difference between a thriving consultancy and one that is struggling to get by is the ability to attract and retain clients.

The most successful consultants are not only extremely knowledgeable about their area of expertise, but they’re also polished communicators, marketing strategists, and  business managers.

Marketing Tools for Consultants

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NOTE: If you’re looking for a list of steps for starting and running a business, the U.S. Small Business Administration is one of the best websites to turn to for guidance and information. A checklist for starting a business is available from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When starting a consulting business, it’s wise to consult with a CPA, a business insurance specialist, and an attorney to help  you anticipate and plan for your present and future needs.

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