20 Pet Business Ideas


When you think about the enormous popularity of pets throughout the world, it’s no wonder that there is a large market for products and services that cater to dog and cat owners — and their furry friends.

If you’re looking for pet business ideas, there is no shortage of possibilities. Here’s a list of ideas that other pet entrepreneurs (“petrepreneurs”?) are now pursuing:

  1. Pet sitting business
  2. Starting a pet shop
  3. Pet waste removal service
  4. Pet photography
  5. Dog grooming and/or mobile pet grooming
  6. Dog training
  7. Pet food delivery
  8. Pet boarding (dog kennel)
  9. Cat and dog daycare services
  10. Dog walking
  11. Selling pet food, dog treats, pet supplies, and and/or clothing
  12. Pet bakery business
  13. Cat feeding service
  14. Dog breeding business
  15. Cat and dog transportation services
  16. Self-serve dog wash business (I have no idea how that would work!)
  17. Electric fence installation for dogs
  18. Breeding and selling rabbits for pets
  19. Online retail business for pet products [Note: Shopify is one option for setting up and starting your own online store. Try it for free.*]
  20. Pet cremation/pet crematory business (I’m guessing that this business has a lot of very specific requirements, costs, and regulations associated with it.)

How to Start and Build a Profitable Dog Bakery Business

One of the prerequisites of being a successful pet business entrepreneur is that you love and appreciate pets and are able to effectively communicate that feeling to prospective customers. Having the ability to earn people’s trust is a major factor in attracting customers to your pet services business.

Tips on Starting a Pet Business

Here are a few other important tips to keep in mind if you’re considering starting any kind of service or product-oriented pet business:

  • While there’s a lot of opportunity in the pet industry — both locally and globally — some niches and locations may already be saturated with a heavy amount of competition. It’s always wise to do some competitive research and market analysis to determine whether there’s a sufficient demand for the pet service or products you’re considering offering. Ideally, there should be a low amount of competition.
  • Among the key aspects of being successful in the pet business is the willingness and ability to deliver exceptional customer service, superior quality, and competitive prices. Pet owners — like most other consumers — are looking for value. In other words, they want to feel like their money is being well spend and that they’re getting their money’s worth. The bottom line is that satisfied customers lead to repeat business, word-of-mouth advertising, and referrals — all of which can be very valuable as you establish and grow a pet business.


Side note about starting your own business: Although many pet business ideas have the potential to be profitable — either as a full-time business or income supplement — all businesses involve an element of financial risk. So whether you thinking of starting a pet sitting business, a dog walking business, a doggie day care, an online retail store, or a bricks-and-mortar pet store, it’s advisable to carefully plan your strategy and study all relevant aspects of the pet business. Mapping out a clear marketing strategy, for example, can be an indispensable tool as you travel down the sometimes bumpy road of self employment and business ownership.

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Stay tuned for more tips, resources, and startup business ideas for entrepreneurs. In the mean time, best of luck with all your pet business ideas!

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Online Resources for Entrepreneurs

  • If you’re looking for a list of steps for starting and running a business, the U.S. Small Business Administration is one of the best resources to turn to for guidance and information.
  • The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides a checklist for starting a business.
  • Additional business startup advice, educational programs, and mentoring can be found through websites and organizations like SCORE.

One final note: When starting a business of any kind, it’s wise to consult with a CPA, a business insurance specialist, and an attorney to help  you anticipate and plan for your present and future needs.

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