The ideal work-at-home business would involve doing something you enjoy or that you find challenging. In compiling lists of ways to make money, I noticed that a lot of home-based businesses began as hobbies.

Hobbies that make money — or have the potential to do so — are especially attractive to stay-at-home moms, college students, senior citizens (retirees), and anyone else looking to make extra money in their spare time.

After doing a little research on the ways entrepreneurs are making money, I came up with the following list of hobbies that can and often do make money.

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List of Money Making Hobbies

  1. Photography [How to sell your photos online*]
  2. Jewelry designing and marketing; Starting an online store*
  3. Making and selling crafts*
  4. Selling hand-made items on Etsy
  5. Cookie business (Don’t eat all your profits!)
  6. Candle business*
  7. Soap business
  8. Creating spa and beauty products*
  9. Beekeeping*
  10. Greeting card business
  11. Starting an art business
  12. Video game business
  13. Knitting and crocheting*
  14. Flea market business [Learn success strategies: 9-lesson video series and e-book*]
  15. Woodworking [Download woodworking plans, diagrams, videos, and apps*]
  16. Social media business: (Making money on Instagram)
  17. Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit*
  18. Seven hobby farm ideas:
    1. Aquaponics
    2. Growing mushrooms
    3. Growing grapes
    4. Raising swans
    5. Raising quails
    6. Raising chickens
    7. Raising boer goats
  19. Baking business [Check out these mouth-watering recipes!]*
  20. Writing from home: writing blogs, articles, web content, ads

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