Small Business Ideas for 2019


With the new year just weeks away, many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to make 2019 more prosperous than 2018. One of my main objectives in writing this blog post is to help answer a couple of the most frequently asked questions that crop up about starting a new business:

  1. “What kind of business should I start?”
  2. “What is a good business to start?”
  3. “How can I start a business with no money?”

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Clearly, the most popular business ideas people are researching and starting up include the following:

  1. Online business [Try Shopify for free!*]
  2. Cleaning business
  3. Photography business
  4. Selling T-shirts [Free startup guide*]
  5. Starting a consulting business
  6. Landscaping and/or lawn care
  7. Catering
  8. Construction
  9. Real Estate  [Click Here for Realtor® Training Courses*]
  10. Event planning business [Get started with an “Event Planning Blueprint“*]

Other small business ideas people are considering for 2019 include the following options:

  1. Vending machine business
  2. Food truck business
  3. Jewelry business
  4. eBay business
  5. Trucking business
  6. Painting
  7. Home health care
  8. Retail
  9. Carpet cleaning
  10. Bookkeeping

The great thing about being an entrepreneur and looking for small business ideas is that there’s no shortage of them. Although there are literally hundreds of ideas for starting a business — many of which can be started for a couple hundred dollars or much less — some people get bogged down in choosing a business idea to pursue. Once a choice has been made, the next stumbling block for many is getting started!


Since a lack of motivation or self belief can be an obstacle, one has to work with the ebbs and flows of their motivation. The best time for an entrepreneur to start a business is often at the end of the year (2018) or at the beginning of another (2019). There can be a psychological advantage to pursuing a goal at the end or beginning of a new year.

Whenever your motivation is slightly elevated (for whatever reason) or your psychological resistance is lowered, your chances of getting started and gaining momentum are greatly enhanced.

Even though new year’s resolutions don’t work for everyone (or even most people), starting a new business is different than, say, joining a gym, quitting smoking, or trying to lose weight. Starting a business requires more planning, organization, and — in some cases — more of a financial commitment.

Clarifying your business goals for 2019

There’s no simple answer to the question “What kind of business should I start?” but here are a few common-sense guidelines to help identify and clarify business ideas that might be best for you in 2019:

  1. Do a self assessment of what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and what you have marketable experience in. For example, you might realize that you have excellent organizational skills, which could be applied to a variety of business ideas — including professional organizer. If you’re good at fixing or installing things around the house, becoming a handyman could be a great way to start your own business.
  2. Make a list of your interests, passions, hobbies, areas of expertise, and opportunities for gaining new skills, marketable knowledge, and professional certifications.

Reviewing your resume, doing a thorough self assessment, and giving some thought to your natural talents can help clarify your strengths and bring viable business ideas to the surface.

The best way to get started in a new business or freelance practice is to TAKE THE FIRST STEP. As you continue to move forward, you’ll find yourself making progress, identifying new opportunities, and learning exactly what you need to do to successfully be your own boss. It’s a sometimes challenging process and does involve a degree of risk, but the rewards can be well worth the effort!


Stay tuned to this blog for more startup business ideas, motivational tips, and marketing strategies. You can also gain a lot of relevant knowledge about starting your own business by visiting Shopify, a well-known and highly regarded ecommerce platform with which I’m affiliated.*

Whether you’re interested in launching a drop shipping business, starting your own clothing line in 2019, teaching an online course, making money buying and selling thrift store items, publishing your own book, starting an online T-shirt store, or becoming a freelance writer, designer, or software developer, this article can point you in the right direction and help you get started.

By the way… here are a few more business startup ideas to consider (around 100, actually) which I hope will help inspire you with new business ideas, moneymaking goals, and entrepreneurial possibilities in 2019:

  1. Import/export
  2. Dog walking services/ Pet sitting
  3. Party planning/ Wedding planning/ Princess parties
  4. Handyman business
  5. Computer repair
  6. Appliance repair
  7. Web design/graphic design business
  8. Marketing services, including social media marketing
  9. Personal training or gym business
  10. Pressure washing
  11. Courier services
  12. Daycare center
  13. Wholesaling
  14. Window cleaning
  15. Etsy business
  16. Amazon business
  17. eBay business
  18. Pest control services
  19. Franchise business
  20. Interior design
  21. Non-emergency medical transportation
  22. Photo booth rental business
  23. Cookies and cupcakes
  24. Recruiting services
  25. Welding
  26. Hair styling/ hair salon
  27. Making and selling candles
  28. Tax consulting/ tax preparation
  29. Life coaching
  30. Pool cleaning/ maintenance
  31. Virtual assistant services
  32. Dog breeding
  33. Dog training
  34. Dog grooming
  35. Homecare business
  36. Property management
  37. Distribution business
  38. Screen printing
  39. Plumbing
  40. HVAC
  41. Home improvement/ Remodeling
  42. Roofing
  43. Electrical services
  44. House flipping
  45. Janitorial services/ Office cleaning
  46. Limo business
  47. Pizza shop
  48. Printing
  49. Medical billing
  50. Flea market business
  51. Selling art
  52. Background check services
  53. Home inspection services
  54. Sewing business
  55. Restaurant/ Hotel/ Bed and Breakfast
  56. Web hosting
  57. Party bus
  58. Car rental
  59. Bail bonds business
  60. Carpentry or making furniture
  61. Private tutoring
  62. Locksmith services
  63. Security consultant
  64. Roadside assistance/ towing
  65. Moving company
  66. Personal chef
  67. Floral business
  68. Snow removal/ plowing/ shoveling/ snow blowing
  69. Accounting/ tax preparation
  70. Vacation rental business
  71. Payroll services
  72. Security guard business
  73. Financial planning services
  74. Web development company
  75. Solar energy/ solar panel business
  76. Selling used cars/ car dealership
  77. Lingerie
  78. Balloon business
  79. Music business
  80. Sports business
  81. IT consulting
  82. Counseling service
  83. Makeup artist
  84. Linen rental business
  85. Mobile oil change service
  86. Home automation consulting/ sales/ installation
  87. Trash collection/ junk hauling/ dumpster rentals
  88. Entertainment business
  89. Recycling: plastic, metal, etc
  90. Gymnastics business
  91. Dance studio
  92. Karate dojo
  93. Boat charter
  94. Horse training/ boarding
  95. Safety consulting
  96. Freelance writer/ editor/ proofreader/blogger
  97. Voiceover talent
  98. Uber or Lyft driver
  99. Garage sale coordinator
  100. Translator
  101. Gift basket or candy bouquet business*

Best of luck in 2019!


*Business blogger/ Freelance writer/ Compensated affiliate marketer


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