50 Side Hustle Ideas for 2019


You can’t help but admire someone who is motivated to take charge of their life — financial and otherwise — and improve their economic security. I think that’s what side hustles are all about: the desire and willingness to use ones energy, available time, and resourcefulness to get ahead in life.

What exactly do I mean by “get ahead,” though?

Well those words mean different things to different people, but typically it means to make enough money to meet your essential needs and have enough extra money available to enjoy a degree of luxury and ensure a comfortable retirement. It’s also a good idea to create a financial cushion for unexpected expenses, special occasions (weddings, for example), and possibly helping out adult children and/or elderly parents.

On the other hand, when you leave your financial security to chance or believe it’s out of your control, you invite economic instability and a life that’s marked by shortfalls, indebtedness, and struggle.

How we respond to choices determines whether we live a life of abundance or scarcity. Metaphorically, the many choices with which we’re presented is like a long hallway of closed doors. Until we identify which doors will lead us in a positive direction — and then take decisive action, life will continue to dole out the same results (or lack, thereof), that it’s been producing for us.

So whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer, a wage earner, or a salaried professional, there are always opportunities to earn extra money on the side — if you’ve identified that as a priority.

Granted, not everyone has the desire, energy, or need to look for sources of extra income, but for those who do, I offer this list of potential side hustles. This business ideas list also includes possibilities for full-time businesses and work-at-home businesses.

  1. Cleaning business: residential, commercial, windows, carpets, pressure washing
  2. Photography, video production, more ideas
  3. T shirt business (Platforms include Shopify and Teespring– Here’s my store!)
  4. Consulting (Blog post lists potential consulting gigs.)
  5. Landscaping  and/or lawn care
  6. Property management, property preservation, and/or maintenance
  7. Catering or other food businesses, such as owning a food truck
  8. Baking business: cookies, cupcakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, bread, pastries
  9. Pet businesses: dog walking, pet sitting, grooming, boarding, breeding, training
  10. Construction: building new houses, offices, apartments, additions, container homes
  11. Home improvement and/or home repairs contracting
  12. Carpentry or woodworking [Special offer: Get 50 free woodworking plans ]
  13. Electrical services
  14. Roofing
  15. HVAC
  16. Masonry services, hardscaping services
  17. Window and door installation
  18. Handyman services [Video and book offer startup tips and success strategies]
  19. Aluminum and vinyl siding installation
  20. Event planning: wedding planning, birthdays, retirement, corporate events
  21. Tutoring
  22. Conducting seminars, workshops, full- or part-time summer camps
  23. Vending machine business
  24. Retail: bricks and mortar, booth or kiosk rental,  or creating an online store
  25. Making and selling jewelry
  26. eBay business
  27. Trucking, delivery services, junk hauling
  28. Transportation: taxi services, limousine services, party bus rental
  29. Owning/renting out apartments, condos, houses, duplexes, office space
  30. Real estate business and/or real estate marketing
  31. Baby sitting, child care, day care services
  32. Painting: interior/exterior/mural painting
  33. Interior decorating/ interior design
  34. Home staging
  35. Writing [Online workshop: “Freelance Writing Ultimate Success Blueprint”]
  36. Grant writing for non-profit organizations and government entities
  37. Public relations, marketing services, social media marketing management
  38. Freelance graphic design
  39. Web design
  40. Computer repair
  41. Buying and selling cell phones
  42. Buying/selling used books, thrift store finds, garage sale items, Craigslist bargains
  43. Bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation
  44. Making/selling crafts
  45. Recycling business
  46. eCommerce business
  47. Fitness: personal training, gym business, gymnastics, yoga, fitness bootcamps
  48. Virtual assistant
  49. Personal assistant
  50. Life coach (certification program available)
  51. Medical transportation business (non emergency) Click here for details!

That’s the short, but updated version of some of my previous lists of side hustles, business ideas, and freelancing options. My most extensive list on this blog consists of 250 self-employment ideas.

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I hope this list has sparked some good side hustle ideas that will help supplement your income, raise your standard of living, or even evolve into a profitable full-time business.

Thanks for checking out my latest post; feel free to follow this blog for future updates and lists of side hustle jobs.

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25 Side Hustle Ideas for Entrepreneurs


I like the term “side hustle,” because it’s loaded with implications about what it means to be an entrepreneur. There are a lot of different kinds of entrepreneurs, but you’d have to look long and hard to find one that is lazy.

From my perspective, an entrepreneur is someone who’s an ambitious, high-energy, independent business person. I also see entrepreneurs as being inquisitive, trail blazing, and motivated to create value.

As I write these words, I’m reminded of famous quotes by George Bernard Shaw and Bobby Kennedy — both of whom are considered thought leaders of their time (and beyond).

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

To me, that philosophy embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

For some people, coming up with side hustle ideas happen spontaneously. Others may need to approach it in more of a methodical way, such as brainstorming, doing online research, or networking with other entrepreneurs.


Side Hustle Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to make extra money, the following list of potential side hustle ideas can be a valuable — if not profitable — starting point:

  1. Make money selling products online. Here’s how to find a product to sell*
  2. Over 1,000 freelance writers have used this resource* to succeed from home, without the usual costs, competition or low-paid hustle. Here’s how*
  3. Being a videographer or photographer can be a creative and profitable sideline
  4. Personal trainer
  5. Entertainment gigs: Musician, Disc Jockey
  6. Food blogger, fashion blogger, travel blogger, lifestyle blogger
  7. Freelance graphic designer/website designer
  8. Cosmetologist, hair stylist, and/or esthetician
  9. Academic tutor
  10. Notary
  11. Consultant: Safety consultant, IT consultant, or dozens of other specialties
  12. Medical billing
  13. Home automation business
  14. Mobile oil change
  15. Lawn care
  16. Recycling: plastic,  metal, gold
  17. Event planning, princess party planning, wedding planning
  18. T-shirt business: [Free guide to getting started.*]
  19. Answering service
  20. Delivery service — either independently or through an established company
  21. Being a home-based travel agent
  22. Providing small-scale, local moving services
  23. Giving music lessons
  24. Making money on YouTube [Here’s one strategy*]
  25. Becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft
  26. Offering handyman services [Here’s how to make it work.]

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