Business Startup Guides

Knowing what kind of business you want to start is a first step to becoming self employed, your own boss, and/or creating a second income. What many entrepreneurs lack, though, are step-by-step instructions of how to set up, manage, and get customers for a home-based business, freelance service, or a bricks-and-mortar business.

If you’re looking for guidance, business templates, and recommendations on how to proceed with a specific kind of product-line or service, these business manuals, e-books, training videos, and resources can help get you started and on the road to success.*

  1. Handyman business: Book and video on how to successfully start and run a handyman service.
  2. Event planner: Complete business package to help you start and grow your own event planning service.
  3. Professional organizer: Includes a detailed guide, advertising templates, forms, and advice from others in the field. More info here.
  4. Selling on Amazon: Step-by-step instructions on starting an Amazon business.
  5. Affiliate marketing business: Tips, guidance, and helpful strategies from Super Affiliate Rosalind Gardner. Note: Affiliate marketing is the business model on which this blog is based.
  6. Freight broker: Learn how to become a freight broker or agent from an entrepreneur who started with no experience and succeeded.
  7. Youtube business: Ever wonder how people make money by starting a Youtube channel and posting videos? This guide reveals techniques and strategies for doing just that.
  8. Janitorial cleaning business: Tells how to start a profitable janitorial service and acquire a growing roster of customers. Here’s an overview.
  9. Medical Transportation: As the population continues to age, opportunities to provide non-emergency medical transportation services will grow. Learn more.
  10. Blogging: Internet marketing course
  11. Make and sell dog treats: Bake-a-dog-a-bone
  12. Self publishing: Training videos teach how to successfully publish Kindle books on Amazon.
  13. Photography: Make money taking photographs. “My Camera Biz” is considered the Internet’s most complete tutorial. Be up and running within hours.

Stay tuned to this page for more business ideas, startup guides, and training materials.

Best of luck in all your entrepreneurial pursuits!


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Important: Starting a businesses of any kind involves an element of financial risk, so it’s always wise to consult a CPA, business insurance advisor, and a business attorney when setting up, expanding, or anticipating future needs for a new or existing business.

*Disclaimer: I am a compensated affiliate of some of the websites, marketing software, digital products, e-commerce software, templates, books on starting your own business, marketing services, courses, tutorials, and informational products features in this blog. With a couple possible exceptions, I am currently not endorsing specific products or services at this time.

Question: Are you interested in starting your own affiliate marketing businesses? It’s no get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s an opportunity to start your own potentially profitable Internet business. To learn more, read the inspiring success story of Rosalind Gardner.* It’s a great business model most people are unfamiliar with. (I’ve been doing it for 16 years.)

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