How to Make Money Online

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Making money online should be an ongoing, deliberate process, rather than an attempt to get rich quick. Getting rich quick is generally a “pipe dream” with little or no basis in reality.

While the idea of creating passive income streams is a realistic goal, you have to be ready and willing to put in the time to create an online presence and effectively market products or services for which there’s a demand.

Easier said than done, right?

Although I wouldn’t say that making money online is easy, it can be relatively simple — depending, of course, on what type of online business you pursue. In many cases, the first key to success is getting started. It can also be an insurmountable hurdle if you perceive it that way. A lot of would-be entrepreneurs don’t even take that all-important first step because they’re afraid of making mistakes, failing, or losing money.

There’s no question that starting an online business — or any business, for that matter — involves an element of risk. But if you adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and resolve to persist until you succeed, your chances of creating a viable business are immensely increased.


Developing a marketing plan is one of the cornerstones of a well thought-out, viable online business. It’s extremely helpful, if not essential, to determine the composition of your target market and give some thought to why they’d want to buy products or services from you, rather than from the competition.

Sometimes the key to getting your business idea off the ground is to gather information, become familiar with business models other entrepreneurs have created or refined, and learn what specific steps you need to take to successfully sell products and services online.

Here are some free guides and articles from Shopify* that can help you take the plunge into a profitable online business of your own:

Success in an online business requires a personal commitment to gather relevant information, create a viable plan, and then implement that plan as if failure wasn’t an option.

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May the year 2019 be a prosperous one for you!

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