Self Employed Jobs With No Qualifications


Whether you’re looking for a gig job, a side hustle, or self employment opportunity, it does help to have some relevant experience, marketable skills, or career training. That being said, there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs who have started their own business with nothing more than a good idea, a healthy dose of self confidence, some basic organizational skills, and enough ambition to fuel their goals.

If you’re looking for ways to make money but don’t think you have any qualifications, here are three things to consider:

  1. Almost everyone has acquired some kind of experience, skills, or valuable knowledge during their life. Even though you may have convinced yourself that you have no qualifications, perhaps you’re overlooking something that could lead to a full- or part-time income. Consider the possibility that you’ve been selling yourself short.
  2. Is there service, product, or business in which you’re interested that you could learn more about? In all likelihood, there are ways you could acquire expertise in a business that interests you. Sometimes working for someone else for a period of time can give you the experience, knowledge, and training you need to eventually set out on your own. It can also be helpful to attend workshops, seminars, “entrepreneur boot camps,” webinars, continuing education programs, or introductory classes on starting a business. You may even know someone who already runs a business and would be willing to serve as your mentor or offer you an apprenticeship.
  3. Make a list of things you’d enjoy doing as a business, a freelance gig, or a self employment job. Whenever you enjoy doing something, you have a greater tendency to do it well, find ways to continually improve, and perform the job with enthusiasm. Since customers are attracted to people with those qualities, your best bet for starting a business might be to choose something you enjoy doing or that you’re passionate about.


Benefiting from the experiences of others who have already done what you want to do can be an effective way to start your own business, create multiple streams of income, and branch out into becoming your own boss.

If you’re looking for a business startup guide or other sources of information that can guide you through the steps of choosing a business, getting started, and building a customer base, here are some resources and self training materials that can help:

  1. Start an office cleaning business (part time)
  2. How to start and grow your own lawn care business
  3. Make money writing short articles online
  4. Learn how to start a home-based affiliate marketing business
  5. Become a home-based travel agent
  6. Start an online t-shirt business
  7. Launch a dropshipping store
  8. Buy and sell items at a profit: wholesale designer handbags, used cell phones, cars and trucks, thrift store finds, website domain names
  9. Become a professional blogger
  10. Transportation services ideas: food or package delivery services, courier services, junk hauling, small-scale moving services, taxi, limousine, party bus rentals
  11. How to start a woodworking business

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So even if your skills, education, and/or experience may limited, there are dozens of businesses or side hustles you can start that either don’t require specialized knowledge or can be learned with a moderate amount of self study, initiative, and networking.

The most important qualities a new business owner needs are a strong motivation to succeed, the desire to provide customers with useful products and services, and the ability to stay focused, organized, and goal oriented. With those values and qualities as a starting point, growing a business and gaining expertise often happens organically.

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Startup Guides for Entrepreneurs:


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Best Self Employed Jobs For Introverts


Based on the number of Internet searches there are for the words “jobs for introverts,” I’m going to make an educated guess that there are a lot of people out there who consider themselves to be introverts!

What exactly is an introvert?

Well, besides looking up the dictionary definition, you can gain a lot of insights into the word’s meaning by looking at a short list of Internet search terms people use to get information on the topic of jobs, careers, and businesses for introverts.

  1. “work alone jobs for introverts”
  2. “quiet jobs for introverts”
  3. “jobs for sensitive introverts”
  4. “jobs for shy introverts”

Those four sets of Internet search terms pretty much sum up the essence of what it means to be an introverted person in the workplace. There is, of course, much more to it than that, but those four categories distill several key issues introverted people face.


Being a Borderline Introvert

Prior to being a blogger, a freelance writer, and a home-based entrepreneur, I worked in busy office environments for around 20 years. During that time, I observed a lot of conditions that made my job — and/or the jobs of others — stressful, uncomfortable, or distracting.

In countless jobs, it’s necessary to participate in meetings, deal with difficult clients, and give sales presentations or progress reports. In many work environments, you also have to deal with unreasonable bosses, annoying co-workers, and potentially awkward social situations.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily label myself an introvert, I can relate to an introvert’s point of view.

I’m not exactly an extrovert either, though, so I probably fall into some murky, in-between category! However… the fact that I’m a writer and would prefer to work independently, rather than in a group situation, probably means I’m closer to being an introvert than an extrovert!

But enough about me…


Self Employment Options

For many introverts, being self employed is the best way to be in control of your work environment and the extent to which you interact with other people. It’s also possible to exert more control over whom you work with.

If you can make a living as a writer — which is more of an attainable goal than you might imagine — then you can spend the majority of your time working alone. As is the case with any small business or self employment situation, you still have to be organized, self disciplined, focused, goal oriented, hard working, persistent, and able to effectively market yourself. In other words, if you don’t spend time and resources marketing yourself (getting clients and customers), then you’ll have a hard time building your business and making ends meet.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a bookkeeping business, an ebay business, or website design business, finding and keeping customers is a necessary element of economic survival.

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Self Employment Ideas for Introverts

If your objective is to avoid being around annoying co-workers, intrusive bosses, and noisy work environments, then being your own boss is a logical and potentially viable way of making a living.

While self employment isn’t for everyone, here are 20 freelancing and small business ideas to consider in your search for the ideal work-at-home situation.

  1. Graphic design and or web design business
  2. Web development
  3. Writing, blogging, editing, proofreading [Online training available*]
  4. Resume writing business
  5. Grant writing
  6. Social media marketing
  7. Web hosting
  8. Medical billing
  9. Bookkeeping
  10. Online T-shirt business [Free guide to getting started]*
  11. Online jewelry business
  12. Shopify eCommerce business*(online retail business)
  13. eBay business
  14. Etsy business
  15. Dropship business [More details on this option from Shopify]*
  16. Import/Export
  17. Janitorial or office cleaning business (usually done ‘after hours’)
  18. Background check business
  19. Virtual assistant services
  20. Information Technology services
  21. Data entry work

Although you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a self employment opportunity, work-at-home job, or freelance business that never involved any interaction with other people, there are certainly many work environments and home-based businesses that are comparatively low-key, low pressure, and less interactive than your typical office environment.

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