List of 50 Good Businesses to Start

When it comes to the topic of making money and being self sufficient, there are two types of mentalities that people cultivate:

  • a scarcity mentality
  • an abundance mentality

Both are self-fulfilling prophesies. Whatever your dominant thoughts are, that’s what tends to manifest in your life.

If you’re not into all that spiritual “mumbo jumbo” about the Law of Attraction (as I am), don’t worry. That’s not the topic of this blog post!

However, I would like to point out that there is a tremendous amount of economic opportunity in this world. All you need is personal initiative, a strong desire to succeed, a sufficient amount of self confidence, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a money-making idea that’s compatible with your personality, your interests, and your skills.

So, if you have an abundance of motivation, but a deficit of good business ideas, the following list of self employment options will hopefully inspire you to get started!

  1. Residential cleaning/housekeeping service
  2. Photography
  3. Consulting
  4. Landscaping
  5. Catering
  6. Lawn care/lawn mowing
  7. Dog walking/Pet sitting
  8. Real estate
  9. T-shirt company
  10. Event planning/Party planning/Wedding planning
  11. Vending machine business
  12. Tutoring
  13. Food truck
  14. eBay business
  15. Trucking
  16. Jewelry
  17. Retail
  18. Painting
  19. Transportation, such as a taxi business
  20. Home health care
  21. Cupcake business
  22. Import/export business
  23. Recycling
  24. Property preservation
  25. Handyman business
  26. Credit repair service
  27. Carpet cleaning
  28. Craft business
  29. Bookkeeping services
  30. Web design business
  31. Computer repair
  32. eCommerce Business
  33. Pressure washing
  34. Office cleaning/Janitorial service/Commercial cleaning
  35. Courier service
  36. Cell phone business
  37. Window cleaning
  38. Wholesale business
  39. Tax preparation services
  40. Restaurant, coffee shop, bakery
  41. Pest Control services
  42. Daycare
  43. Interior design
  44. Rental business
  45. Recruiting services
  46. Photo booth rentals
  47. Home staging service
  48. Manufacturing
  49. Hair salon
  50. Fitness: Gym business and/or personal training services

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Best of luck in all your entrepreneurial pursuits!

–Joel S
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20 Hobbies That Make Money


The ideal work-at-home business would involve doing something you enjoy or that you find challenging. In compiling lists of ways to make money, I noticed that a lot of home-based businesses begin as hobbies.

Hobbies that make money — or have the potential to do so — are especially attractive to stay-at-home moms, college students, senior citizens (retirees), and anyone else looking to make extra money in their spare time.

After doing a little research on the ways entrepreneurs are making money, I came up with the following list of hobbies that can and often do make money.

List of Money Making Hobbies

  1. Photography
  2. Jewelry designing [Related: How to start an online store]*
  3. Making and selling crafts
  4. Selling hand-made items on Etsy
  5. Cookie business (Don’t eat all your profits!)
  6. Candle business
  7. Soap business
  8. Creating spa and beauty products
  9. Beekeeping
  10. Greeting card business
  11. Starting an art business*
  12. Video game business
  13. Knitting and crocheting
  14. Flea market business
  15. Woodworking
  16. Social media business:
  17. Making Candy Bouquets (for Fun and Profit)*
  18. Seven hobby farm ideas* :
    1. Aquaponics
    2. Growing mushrooms
    3. Growing grapes
    4. Raising swans
    5. Raising quails
    6. Raising chickens
    7. Raising boer goats
  19. Baking business: making and selling homemade bread, cupcakes, birthday cakes
  20. Writing from home: writing blogs, articles, web content, ads

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

If you’re interested in creating and selling your own artwork, either in-person or online, there’s an inexpensive course that can teach you to do it profitably.

These 16 modules* walk you, step-by-step, through everything you need to know about selling your artwork and crafts.

The course, called “Turn Your Hobby Into a Business,” covers strategies for selling part time for extra cash, as well as running a full time art/craft business.

Nolan Clark, the creator of this course, shares many of the insights and marketing techniques he’s learned over the past 15 years as a full time professional artist.

The valuable information* he shares includes:

  • Pricing techniques to maximize your profits
  • Selling to family and friends
  • Selling through social media
  • Selling at craft markets
  • Selling your artwork through galleries
  • Arranging exhibitions
  • Marketing to customers via your own website
  • Collaborating and working with other artists and crafters
  • Getting other people to sell for you
  • Conducting market research
  • Effectively managing your business to ensure survival and growth

The course consists of over 500 pages of practical money making strategies and business management techniques. Visit Nolan’s website to learn more!*

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Note: Keep in mind that all business ideas involve an element of risk, and that it’s usually advisable to consult with a CPA or other experienced tax professional when setting up a business and preparing your tax returns. Depending on the nature of your business, it may also be necessary to obtain legal advice, insurance coverage, and/or professional licenses. Government compliance is another priority for many small businesses. Agencies such as the U.S. Small Business Administration are good sources of helpful and reliable information.